Wall Street Greek: Nothing Else Matters This Week

The 3-year yield inched down to 2.00%, the lowest since January 2, 2018, forming the low point of the middle-age sag.On Nov 8, it was at 3.05%. The 10-year yield dipped to 2.22%, lowest since Sep 18, 2017, and below 1-year and shorter maturities; but it remains above the 2-year yield and in this cycle has not inverted with the 2-year yield yet.

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Without this issue resolved, nothing else matters. The major difference between Wall Street today and four years ago is that the mergers following the crash made the banks even larger. America’s banks remain too big to fail because their campaign contributions remain too big to ignore.

In a 100,00 years after the last human takes the last breath(if not WAY sooner) the earth will finally be able to "reset" to the purity of nature that we as humans have pissed all over. We are the most insignificant species (as far as time spent) this world has ever known, yet we carry on as if nothing else matters except us and the "now".

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To put matters into global perspective, Wall Street howled. But so what?. "Nothing has changed on that," said Giuliani’s own attorney, Jon Sale. Trump plans to keep using Giuliani on.

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What’s wrong with Wall Street? A culture that breeds greed. I get letters every week from people on Wall Street who are happy with the amount of money in their lives, but feel like something.

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