Tony Blair: ‘Labour can win at any point that it wants to get back to winning ways’

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Tony Blair thinks Labour can "win at any point" as he suggests the party just needs to commit to winning an election. In an apparent attack on the "hard left" stance of Jeremy Corbyn’s party, the.

As a legal deposit, it can request a copy of any printed item published. In London, he became a Labour activist and local councillor in the Hackney borough, eventually leaving the party in the.

Tony Blair: ‘Labour can win at any point that it wants to get back to winning ways’ Twenty years after his 1997 landslide win, Tony Blair tells the Observer Labour must engage with voters on Brexit – and the electorate must not give the PM a ‘blank cheque’

Corbyn is still a barrier to Labour winning any election. No one trusts him beyond his blind faithful core. Not being Johnson or Farage will win him a hell of a lot of votes and seats, but not enough.

Tony Blair. Valedictory Address to the Labour Party Conference. the 1983 election, I was a kind of refugee from the London-based politics of the time.. The idea of a child poverty target would have been laughable. for Britain's future; not just how do we win again, but how does Britain carry on winning?

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How can a party win an election without getting the most votes? In our first-past- the-post system, the winning candidate in each of the 650 parliament constituencies is the. vote in 2005, the Tories would need an 11-point lead over Labour to. It's also worth noting that the Conservatives wanted to redraw.

Has Bruce managed to win that concession? “I do get involved. member of any party “because no party has ever had sufficient pull for me. And that is just as well now.” Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

“If you held a rerun of the referendum tomorrow, you’d get the same. who oppose it. tony blair, the former Labour prime minister who has placed himself at the head of those trying to keep Britain.

Labour has "rediscovered losing", former Prime Minister Tony Blair warned as a poll put left-winger Jeremy Corbyn ahead in the leadership contest. Mr Blair said Labour could win again – but not from a "traditional leftist platform" and said it had to "move on".