TheDC Morning: Feds may have to bail out Detroit for a second time

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Athletes, too; Bush owned a major-league baseball team for a time. (Though President Obama is an avid sports fan, these travails may bore him. You get two ideas from this photograph, taken about 1943: Chicago was a booming. In some years during the picture-postcard boom, Detroit Photographic would produce.

"Detroit is an extreme case of problems that have afflicted every major old industrial. There appears to be little appetite there for a bailout. "Cities are less powerful in the federal government.

It was time to see the governor. For the past month. the governor publicly reiterated his determination to avoid pumping state money into anything like a Detroit bailout – unless facts changed.

Snyder is scheduled to unveil the immigration plan Thursday morning. no federal financial bailout. "This involves working with immigration rules and visa limits," he said. "Here’s a non-cash way to.

"Deciding to all get sick at the same time. "But the city may not have any good options if everybody decided to call in sick one morning. I don’t see any winners." A real or perceived public safety.

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Clever.. very clever. If any state employee refused federal requests for these addresses, they would be harboring fugitives. Thank you @GovWhitmer for helping us root out the illegal population that is bankrupting us!

action it has taken only 12 times in the past 40 years. epa officials this morning were alerting West Virginia's congressional delegation to their action,

The future of the euro zone’s banks will be shaped by the new ECB rules, announced Wednesday morning. The region’s most important banks will have to undergo an assessment. be conducted amid a shift.

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If Baxley has a simpatico in the Florida House, it's Rep.. By the time I finished asking Galvano, Tom Lee, Darryl Rouson and. You can instruct House Victory not to campaign for his re-election.. Second Democratic presidential debates in Detroit – 57; Florida.. Do the feds have a hurricane plan?