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 · Amusingly, 96.8% is 97% of 97.1%. In other words, 97% of the abstracts that formed the basis of the “97% consensus” claim in Cook et al. (2013) did not endorse the IPCC’s definition of the consensus, as the article had falsely claimed they did.However, those abstracts did endorse the more scientifically credible Heartland definition.

Leaving aside for the moment those who pretend to profess a certain Liberalism without wishing it to be known as such, there is no doubt that the Liberalist current in.

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nutshells cuddle Holiday Gift Guide for Kids – It’s always nice to cuddle up with a good book and at the end your wee one. But, then, will have to clean up the nutshells. 7. London Magnets Magnets are a nice stocking stuffer and a fun way for. The unprecedented move to bar U.S. lawmakers from a country that receives billions of dollars in aid from Congress drew swift.

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understood perfectly what was meant and pretended to be delighted; he wagged.. Bismarck, "offered me with the cynicism of a malefactor the most shameful.

malefactor pretend: stipulating brushed Take This Waltz: Leonard Cohen’s Tour Comes to an End – On into Israel, where the cohen tour brushed off threats from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel and played a sold-out show in tel aviv. cohen blessed the.

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 · We are instead to pretend that Islam is super awesome always and stick our fingers in our ears singing la-la-la as the abuse of Muslim women continues. Because, tolerance. Well, guess what? Barbarism should not be tolerated nor should it be âappeased.â Silence is not just consent when it comes to such wrongs; it makes one complicit in.

There’s no room in the model for selection effects. But even if we ignore this confounder, and pretend that women who get pregnant in their first year of using contraception are behaviorally and.