Florida and Arizona: Baby Boomer Magnets

Florida and Arizona: baby boomer magnets . Metro areas with a lower cost of living and sunnier weather are poised to see an increased number of baby boomers moving in and buying a home as some.

Three Florida metros are among the top 10 markets likely to see an influx of baby boomer home buyers. Put that criteria together and it pushes states like Florida and Arizona toward the top of.

By about 2030, as Boomer. have joined Florida and Arizona as retiree draws. “Florida’s got to compete better for the retirees” by strengthening its health care and transportation networks, he says.

Realtor.com put together a list of hot spots where baby boomers are moving. Arizona, known for it’s affordability and climate, made a few of the top ten! number one on the list is in Florida. Punta.

Sunshine, affordable housing and lower taxes are drawing more Baby Boomers to Arizona. Many in this huge group don’t want to retire like their parents but are picking the same state to do it in. A.

Another feature of young adult migration magnets is their location. now engulfing more of the baby boomer generation than before the recession, are more selective in their destinations, heavily.

“Aging boomers. Florida in the last two years. New Census numbers also suggest a large number of people continue to leave the Northeast, the Midwest and California. Also likely to benefit will be.

Arizona draws more Baby Boomers than every state but Florida. Sunshine, affordable housing and low taxes are drawing more Boomers here. A couple of new rankings show how popular the state is for.

Today’s senior population, now engulfing more of the baby boomer generation than before the recession, are more selective in their destinations, heavily located in Arizona and Florida.

Active boomers are redefining what it means to grow old. No walkers and "Wheel of Fortune" here! So realtor.com figured out the best metros to age in place.

Eight percent of baby boomers enjoy traveling California’s highways and byways whether it be to camp, rent a cottage in a forest, visit Fisherman’s Wharf or Napa Valley, or to get caught up in the hollywood scene hoping to catch a glimpse of one of their favorite actors. Arizona

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