Bet You Didn’t Think of This Reason for Regular Septic Tank Pumping!

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The following are three reasons why you shouldn’t ignore pumping your septic tank. Solid waste builds up over time and doesn’t decompose quickly which can contaminate your water. Your tank will overfill with excess discharge and back up your waste system if you don’t pump it periodically.

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Septic tank fantasy No. 4: pumping out the septic tank can restore or save a failed or failing drainfield. Even using a fantastically small number of 50 gallons per person per day in a home where extreme water conservation measures are in effect or where there is a single elderly occupant using very little water,

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The thing that most people are not aware of is that the health of your septic system can be affected when bacteria are removed. While you do want illness-causing "bad" bacteria to be killed, there are good ones you do not. Septic systems are quite sensitive environments that need living bacteria to break down the solids.

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